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Initial Set- Up Visit

Infant Home Phototherapy, Inc. provides in-home treatment and care of jaundiced newborns.  Under the direction of your newborns health care provider (HCP), our nurses will provide comprehensive nursing care and patient teaching. At the initial visit, the R.N. will come to your home to provide a skilled nursing visit.  She will set up the phototherapy light, and provide instruction on the use of the equipment. The R.N. can assist with breastfeeding if needed, and answer questions and concerns you may have regarding the care of your newborn.

Follow Up Visits

Each subsequent day, a R.N. will return to weigh and assess your newborn and complete a heel stick blood draw. This blood specimen will then be sent to a hospital laboratory.  The R.N. will inform your newborn's HCP of that day’s bilirubin level when it becomes available. The family will be notified each day of the bilirubin level and health care providers’ orders.


Our office will bill your insurance company and obtain prior authorization for treatment through your insurance as necessary.  We are contracted with most commercial or private insurance carriers. Coverage for treatment depends on your insurance plans’ home health benefits. Please contact your insurance carrier for details.

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